Saturday, 7 June 2014

Eye make-up remover for very sensitive eyes

         I have very sensitive eyes, especially when it comes to make up remover! This, along with dark circles and very thin skin around my eyes, made finding a make up remover which didn't sting my eyes and took off all the makeup a challenge to say the least. Most cream based products seemed to seep into my eyes no matter how careful I was when I used them, and the oil based removers simply caused the same problems,left me with flakes of mascara and shiny eyes! 

      Then my prayers were answered! While browsing through my instagram feed, I came across a recommendation from the wonderful makeup artist Lisa Eldridge, which was the Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect eye make up remover. Since it was my mom who picked this up I didn't realise it was an oil based product until I got it home :/ I decided to give it a try none the less and I am delighted with it! 

    In order to remove all, yes all, types of eye products simply give the product a really good shake, apply to cotton wool and hold gently to the eye for about a minute. Quick tip here; hospital grade cotton wool can sometimes have sharp..bits in it, so if you can use the cotton rounds, even if its just for your eye make up, your eyes will thank you in the long run! There's no rubbing required with this product, and don't forget to use the other side of the cotton wool, the product goes a long way. 

     Now for the practicalities. It retails for €4.25 for 125mls. I have seen it in loads of places including the bigger Pennys and definitely in Dunnes Stores. Its safe for contact lens wearers, suitable for all skin types and is ophth...ophthmal....its good for your eyes! 

    So, does anyone else with sensitive eyes have any recommendations? I always love to hear how other people get on with products and any questions please ask:)

Yaaaay for Nivea!

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