Friday, 27 June 2014

Mini Haul - Yaaay for hauls!


                               Hi pretty people:) Everyone loves a good haul, myself included. I was going to do a video of what I bought as I love videos on this type of stuff and I think sometimes you can see the products better; what do other people think of videos on blogs as well?

    Without further a due let me show you my mini haul!

Outer Wear: I have wanted a tailored blazer for aaages! They're so wearable with every outfit and I think they instantly add a touch of class to any outfit. Most of the jackets I've tried on though, had big shoulder pads,or fit properly in one place but not another, and I seemed doomed to never have one. Then I spotted this one at the back of the rail(I'm not fully sure its this seasons stock). Its jersey material, so it doesn't remind me of an office jacket and has only soft removable shoulder pads. It's a size UK6 so fits perfectly around the waist and shoulders, which is normally a big problem for me. It does have pink pin stripes on the inner cuffs but these can be turned down, meaning you're not tied colour wise. It was €13 which made it a bargain too!


Underwear: I haven't seen underwear in many hauls but I was so happy with these I had to post. I have serious trouble finding my size in most places, I'm a 32F but can sometimes wear a 32E, depending on the fit of the bra. Up to now this had meant that bras for me started at €30 and only went up in price! By pure chance when I was shopping in Dunnes I spotted these bras in my size and had to try them on. They had about six styles in total, three of which I picked up, as the others just were not a good fit. I don't understand why Dunnes does not advertise this range more as I can't be the only one who struggles to find cheaply priced underwear in bigger sizes? I have worn all the bras since I bought them and they're very comfortable with good support.

Bra: €15 Briefs: €6

Bra €15

Basics: I have been buying quite a lot of patterned harem style bottoms as I had virtually no summer clothes, and this seems to be this season's most popular print and fit.  So after bringing them home, I realised I had no plain tops to pair with them, so off I went back to Pennys/Primark to pick up some basic tops and t-shirts. Generally I think Forever 21 is better for basics, but there is none near by :( First world problems!!

Top Row: All tops €7
Bottom Row: All t shirts €3.50

Shoes: This is always a hit and miss area for me because I have tiny feet; I am a UK2/E.U.35. This is fine for boots when I can wear a UK3 without too much discomfort, but it is a problem when it comes to sandals or shoes with a higher heel!Thankfully, kids sandals have come a long way and generally they are a miniature version of adult summer foot wear. The turquoise sandals in the picture are actually a size UK3 from Pennys/Primark but they're a very small fitting so are comfortable. Both other pairs of shoes are a size UK2. 

Back Row L-R: Both Pennys
Sandals €8
Red Ballet Flats €5
Front: Dunnes Gladiators € 14 

Accessories: One of my favourite things to buy, but I am terrible at adding them to my outfit! All the items in the picture are from Pennys/Primark, and I honestly don't think the picture does them justice. Pennys has some amazing accessories this season and I wish my local store would get more stock in so I could take advantage of this! The cuff is stunning on, and on a mental health-y type note, its also great for covering self harm scars while they're healing. But don't do them in the first place!! Tattooed Alice in Wonderland cushion was a gift from a wonderful person, if anyones interested I will try find the name of the online shop it came from.
Three layered necklace Approx. €5
Head Band €2
Cuff €5

Bags: This is another area where I really feel Pennys has really upped its game. The choice of styles and colours has improved while the prices have stayed reasonable. I completely fell in love with this brightly coloured Indian inspired clutch! With it's variation of colours it would be the perfect accessory to a summer outfit, or just enough to add a pop of colour to a neutral or white based one. Pennys also has some amazing statement necklaces to compliment this clutch which will complete your outfit.This bag has a zip closure and a small pocket inside. I also picked up this oh-so-cute makeup bag, as my other one had gone too small for my makeup:( Its all very emotional as my best friend Zoe bought me my last makeup bag! This bag has a canvas feel, zip closure, wipeable inner lining and will fit most full size make brushes. 

Clutch €11
Makeup Bag €4

I also wanted to post a picture of a recent purchase from Pennys I didn't get in that haul. Its this sleeveless ivory top and amazing statement necklace. This top is great if like me, you don't like wearing tight leggings with something over them. The necklace adds such a pop of colour and its gold detailing makes it perfect for summer!I'll be paring it with navy capri leggings and white and wooden wedges. 
View up close of necklace.
Ivory Top €11
Necklace €10
Nail Polish in mint €1.50
Capri Leggings €4

Have to mention quickly Pennys nail polishes. I have mint, cornflower blue and a browny colour. They look lovely on the nails, come in really pretty boxes and are €1.50! The only thing I don't like about them is they smell pretty strong. 

Anyways!:) Thats all I have for you today. Everything I bought was with my own money, I am in now way sponsored (sadly!!) and all the opinions I've given in all of my reviews is my own. I'd love to see what other people are buying for summer! Thanks for reading and as always feel free to leave a comment or contact me on Instagram(where I live!)xx




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