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Vichy Dermablend Foundation Review

                     Let me first say, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Vichy throughout my late teens and early twenties. However, anything I have bought from them recently I have been delighted with, hence why I decided to try this product.


                       As anyone who watches YouTube videos, particularly beauty ones will have noticed the new ads for the relaunch of Vichy's Dermablend range.  The range has five products in total, three of which are new,they are the corrector stick, total body foundation and the corrective compact cream foundation. They also have the best selling corrective foundation and mineral powder and I was lucky enough to get my hands on some samples of the corrective foundation in different colours to test out:) 

                   First of all my mother tested out Sand - 35. My mother is just upwards of fifty but has some deep set lines around her mouth and open pores. (I may have no where to live if she ever sees this!) She applied this with her fingers and felt the makeup was too heavy and actually accentuated  these problems rather than helped with them, and I was inclined to agree. She felt the make up was like a mask on rather than a foundation. Sadly she wouldn't even let me take pictures and went off to wash it off straight away. 

Me with no make-up
Cant believe I'm putting a no make-up selfie out there!

                    So the next day I decided to give it a try on my own cleansed and moisturised skin, but decided against a primer. I was using the lightest shade which is called Opal - 15 with my trusty Real Techniques Beauty Blender; love this sponge! I particularly chose the beauty blender for application as I find it great for sheering out foundation that might be slightly heavy otherwise. I was shocked!! The coverage of this foundation was amazing, and the colour, though looking like it would be too orange, was perfect. You also only need the smallest amount, making it very good value for money, always a requirement in todays economy! You really do need to work to blend this foundation, but the coverage is flawless and it lasts all day. When using the foundation I didn't need any concealer on my dark circles and didn't require any powder to set it. I didn't find that it gave a mask effect at all, or the dreaded 'I'll need a trowel to get this off later' effect, just wonderful even looking skin! I have since used my fingers to apply the foundation, and as long as you don't use a lot of the product, you get exactly the same results.


After applying Dermablend foundation

             In hindsight I think the are a few reasons it didn't work for my mother. Firstly I don't think this particular version of the foundation is meant for mature skin, we used way too much product and also I think we didn't blend and buff the foundation enough. I think with open pores and fine lines, it is essential to take some time to work the product into the skin. A quick tip for people who have open pores is to use a brush of any kind, and buff in the foundation in circles. This will help to fill in the pores and make them disappear, but don't be too rough as you are effectively exfoliating the skin doing this. 

                I also tried to cover a few tattoos with this, and again the coverage was very effective, but the foundation was too orangy for my skin tone. I have since seen they have a new body foundation, but whether or not the 'light' shade will be light enough remains to be seen. Has anyone tried the body foundation? Opinions?


                   Despite having quite a few foundations in my collection I had to go out and purchase this. I don't have acne or very problematic skin, but it is great to know you have a foundation there that is a great colour match, and will cover any imperfections or discolouration. The foundation also has an SPF of 35 which is great for us pale ladies! 

                  It retails at €21.50 for 30mls, and is available in most chemists and larger Boots. (Don't forget Irish students, you can use your travel card to get money off in Boots!) For more see 

             As always I'd love to hear if other people found the range a success or not for them. Thanks for reading! 

P.S. Apologies about the bad camera I'm working on getting a new one!




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