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Elemis Enzyme Peel VERSUS Ziaja's Sensitive Skin Enzyme peeling mask

        Hi pretty people!

       So I'm back with a sort of double review; think of it as expensive versus affordable.I'll give you a little background on how I wound up purchasing these products. My skin is  quite sensitive, but I also suffer with quite a bit of congestion, (blackheads, little lumps ect, but not spots) around the nose and chin area. Over the years I've tried a lot of products designed for acne on these areas, which was not a bright idea as congestion is not the same as acne, and all this left me with some nasty skin damage. 

      When I got a bit older I started to do some research into products more suitable for my complaint. As a result I tried lots of products; nose strips, tea tree, salicylic acid and did a lot of exfoliation with apricot kernels! I also did loads of home extractions,(with water that was much too hot and never with a tissue!)while really not having a clue what I was doing, and therefore breaking capillaries and probably making the situation worse! I'd begun to hear a bit about chemical peels but it all sounded a bit nuts, and was waaaay out of my price range. Anyways, I'm sure you're sick of my rambling so I'll get straight to it! 

      I eventually came across fruit enzymes. Enzymes are exfoliants which break down the upper dead skin cells but are much kinder to your skin than the likes of scrubs and micro dermabrasion.  Look out for papaya, blueberry and pineapple as ingredients in your peels or cleansers, and no don't go and rub a slice of pineapple over your face, I don't think that works quite the same way!!


     I purchased a small sample of Elemis's Papaya Peel mask from E-bay, as it seemed to be the best product on the market for my problem.Many beauty items are seriously expensive and it can be hit and miss, especially when it comes to skin care. So when I got the hang of E-bay I started to purchase travel size products I wanted to try out and have saved quite a bit this way. 

    This stuff smells gorgeous, really fruity with a cream constancy.  I applied to cleansed skin and left it for about 15 minutes, and removed with lukewarm water which is in line with the product guidelines. It's a little tingly on the skin and there is defiantly a glow to the skin afterwards. In the morning however, I had developed a spot and my glow was gone! I tried the mask a few times and sadly the same result every time. I honestly can't say I was that impressed. Coupled with the €38 price tag for 50ml according to the website, I couldn't justify recommending this. However, apart from the spot it didn't cause my skin any problems. I'll leave a link below as to where you can purchase it online if you'd like to try it out.


      Recently I came across the Polish brand Ziaja. As a brand it is generally getting great reviews, and they do a SenSitive Skin range, which has it's own enzyme peel. It has no silicones, mineral oils or perfumes which I thought might make it too gentle to be very effective, but with a €4.99 price tag for 60ml I decided to give it a try. It obviously has no smell and is a gel consistency. It left my skin with a lovely glow which lasted with no clogged pores. I was so impressed with this product I decided to purchase other products from the line, which I'm very happy with and will write reviews on when I have tried them out for a bit longer. This brand has quite a few lines, including one for mature skin and is available in most chemists, but I'll link the online store below.

     I bought these products both to deal with blackheads and as with many products they help temporarily, but the blackheads always come back. I'm not sure if any product can 'cure' blackheads as such, but I am going to try treat them as much as possible with a good skin care routine. Both of these peels cause temporary sensitivity of the skin, so I would recommend using a very simple moisturiser and avoiding sun beds or applying makeup immediately after. 

Oh LORD! Doesn't she have terrible skin?!

      So the inexpensive product wins out this time, and I feel I have discovered a bit of a gem in the Ziaja line. How do other people deal with their blackheads and congestion while having sensitive skin? Has anyone discovered a secret product or method they'd care to share with us all?

         Thank you so much for taking the time to read the article and I hope it was of some help!

Have a lovely weekend:) xx


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