Thursday, 10 July 2014

NYX Cosmetics eye shadow base in 'Skin Tone'

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      Today I'm doing a review on NYX's eye shadow base. Sadly, NYX is not readily available in Ireland, so I purchased this from Littlewoods website. They do have a decent selection of NYX on the website, which can be a problem on other websites which stock the brand. However, I noticed that they also stock Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation which retails for €10, but they're charging a whopping €15 for exactly the same foundation!! Keep an eye out for this when purchasing make up from them. Since I purchased the base, I have since found it retails for €6.99. Not impressed -_-



      I bought the shadow base in 'Skin Tone' at €8 for 6g. It promises to 'Hold, intensify and last longer',  which is not the best English and a strange way to describe a product! First of all, I really like the packaging; its in a heavy plastic, screw top jar which means you really get the last of the product which can be difficult with some forms of packaging. I'm so not a fan of pump bottles you can't open, I mean you can see there's product left but can't get to it!!! Or the bottles you've to take a crash course in physics in to learn how to somehow balance upside down to draaaaaaain the last bit out. Sorry, I digress! However when I looked at the colour my first thought was 'No one has skin that colour!' There is a distinctive orange tone to the product which when blended, does subside slightly, but is still definitely orange! This wasn't a huge concern for me as I use mostly coppery shades on my eyes anyway, but there's no way I'd purchase this colour again, and it is not suitable for pale skin tones.

Colour of the Shadow Base
     The texture of the base is creamy and a bit tacky, and does take a bit of work to spread over the lids so this formula may not be good for people with very sensitive skin or delicate crepe-y eye lids. Yes crepe-y is a word; I hope! You don't need a lot of the product to cover the eyelids which makes it quite good value for money. 

      To be honest I don't think this made a huge difference to my eye shadow, and I'm not sure what else there is to say about this product. I used M.A.Cs woodwinked all over my lids over the base and this picture is taken at the end of the day.

Ignore the wrinkles!

       It's a reasonable product, I like the packaging and the colour of the base suits my every day eyeshadow, but I would definitely recommend choosing one of the other two colours, white or pearl, if you generally wear a lighter colour eye. It is quite cheap at only €8 (its even better at RRP€6.99!) and would be a good starter base for eye shadow. I will continue to use it though until I find the perfect eye shadow base!

     Has anyone else tried this product and had a different experience? Also can anyone please please tell me where I can purchase the full range of NYX cosmetics? I know they can be shipped from their website but I would like to be able to see in Euros what I'm buying, and I think you need a USA street address for this?? 

      I hope you enjoyed this and it was helpful to someone. Thanks so much for taking the time to read it, and please feel free to contact me or follow me on Instagram. Byeeeeeeeee :D xxxxxxx


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