Friday, 15 August 2014

MaXfactor 2000 Calorie Mascara Review

Hi Pretty people!

    I return to you with another review! Mascara is fast becoming the new foundation of drugstores, or Boots to you and I, due to its many different formulations, wands and price ranges.  Also much to the delight of people who, like myself, love a bargain many drugstore buys are rivalling their higher end counter parts. 

    A while back I used a Maxfactor mascara that I really loved, and decided to find it and repurchase after falling in love with Maxfactor again, totally due to their new campaign with the beautiful Gwyenth Paltrow. I particularly love the sixties recreation below, so beautiful and feminine and just DEVINE! I have to say when I contacted Maxfactor about the products used in this picture they replied very quickly and were exceptionally nice, and nice staff will always encourage me to come back to a brand. Take note!:) 

    So off I went to buy the mascara, but I just could not remember which one I'd originally bought! So I decided to go with the 2000 Calorie in black, mostly because it was reasonable priced, €10.99. By the way I've since remembered it was the Masterpiece Max mascara I bought. 

   Well, first of all, this mascara has a very strong smell. The brush is quite large, and is roughly the same width the whole way along until it tapers slightly at the tip. The brush comes out saturated with the mascara which even when you wipe off the excess, is still heavily coated. This can lead to clumping of the lashes especially at the roots which is not a good look! Also the large brush makes it difficult to get to the inner corner and bottom lashes.  During the day there was a fair bit of smudging on the bottom lashes, but the top lashes held reasonably well. It doesn't hold curl fantastically well, but it isn't water proof, a formulation which is known for holding curl as best as possible. 

I took some pictures of before and after to let you see the mascara for yourself.

Eyes with no mascara 


Eyes with mascara just applied

  So, as you see the mascara is quite black and does add some length to the lashes, but can be clumpy. Bottom line I won't be repurchasing this as I'm just not happy with the brush and the strong smell coming from it. It wasn't too difficult to remove with my Nivea remover, but it did crumble a little while i was removing it, making it harder to keep out of the eyes, not good for sensitive eyes!

  Maxfactor's Lash Extension Effect has a much smaller brush so I think I'm going to give that one a try next, has anyone tried this? A beauty guru on YouTube recently made the very valid point that if you like the brush from one mascara just keep it and use it with other mascara, it might be a pain to keep clean though, what do you guys think? At least now I know to look for mascaras with a small wand to try next, can anyone recommend one? 

   Thanks so much for reading and I'd love to read your comments, thoughts and reviews! Be kind to yourself, and others. xx


  1. Such a good post! I would recommend the bourjois coup de theatre mascara, not sure if the wand is smaller than maxfactors but I do know that its a real good mascara it really lengthens and spererates my Lash's awesomely!

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