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Real Techniques Review

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   I hope everyone's having a lovely weekend! Its pouring rain outside, so I decided it was perfect weather to write a review I'd promised on instgram, while having Dispicable Me2 playing in the background. Yes, it's very tragic, I love minions. There I said it! They are they funniest little yellow things on the face of this earth! I may even have a little minion collection, I may not.I'm saying nothing. Hehe bottom!

Complimentary minion pic!

   Moving swiftly onwards! The products I'm reviewing today are Real Techniques brushes and their beauty blender. These brushes are made by the YouTube beauty gurus Sam and Nic Chapmen, whom I'm pretty sure need no real introduction due to their insane popularity. The girls also created videos to go with their products in order to help you get the best results. I really like this principal, as for many people, the makeup artist makes it look so simple in the store and then when you get home you're looking at the product with not a freaking clue how to make the best of what you've just bought! Also these brushes are quite reasonably priced and I think the most expensive in the range is €16.99. They're available in larger Boots stores and online. I'll leave both links below.


Shading Brush: This brush was €10.49 in Boots. Ok, straight off, I don't really use this brush. I wasn't hugely impressed by it as I felt it didn't apply as much colour as I wanted on the lids. It can also be used to apply the crease colour but again I felt it just didn't apply the colour to the level of intensity I wanted. I did use this recently to apply a cream eye shadow base, and it did a really good job, so I think I may start reaching for it again, but only for this purpose. It is a very soft brush and doesn't drag the eye lids, and for some reason I really like the fact the brush is thin and not as long as other makeup brushes. I think it's because it allows you to get up close to the mirror with out smacking the brush off it, and then into your eye. Or maybe thats just me. I would recommend this for someone who simply wants a wash of colour, or for someone who uses cream based eye products.


Expert Face Brush: This brush was €13.29 in Boots. Its quite firm, as in when you push down on the bristles they don't splay out everywhere, but they are soo soft! This is designed for application of and blending liquid and cream foundation. I wasn't too impressed with this for applying and blending liquid foundation, but recently I purchased Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse to use as a contour product, and it works so well with this! It applies and blends the mousse so easily and effectively. I always get a bit worried about applying contour colour as I'm so pale and dread that 'dirty face streak' but this brush blends it seamlessly into my skin. Use a light hand with this brush as because it's firm, you could end up dragging the skin if you're too heavy handed.You could possible even use this to gently press powder onto the face, though not around the eyes. I would absolutely recommend this brush to anyone who uses mousse, cream or even wax based products. 


Blush Brush: This was €12.99 in Boots. Ok, this brush in my opinion is way too big for a blush brush. It's about twice the size of a normal blush brush and closer in size M.A.C.s 150 which is a big brush! In it's favour however this brush is soooo soft and the shape of it reminds me of a blender brush as its cut in a dome shape. I personally use this brush to apply colour all over my face as the shape is perfect for going around the eye and nose area and again, it's so soft on the face!This applies powder without causing a lot of fall out or leaving you with the over powdered look. I'd definitely recommend this brush to anyone and everyone:)


Miracle Complexion Sponge: This is €5.89 in Boots.(There were all bought in Boots in case you've not cottoned on to that yet!-_-) Oh wow...I just love this sponge. I'd marry it and have it's little sponge babies if I could! This is the Real Techniques take on the original Beauty Blender. I have to admit I was late to this whole beauty blender phenomena. I used a sponge when I was much younger to apply makeup, and I just thought sponges were so 90's! But when I saw this for under €6 and I was looking for a new way to apply my foundation I thought why not? I'm delighted I did! I don't know the science of how this sponge works, but when you run this under water it swells to about three times its regular size. You squeeze it out and then use it to apply foundation, cream blush, liquid highlighter, concealer, pretty much anything that isn't powder based really! It can be used for blending as well as application and is flawless at both. I recently bought a second sponge for applying and blending my liquid highlight, and my mother who was so impressed with the results also decided to buy one, and is so far a huge fan!


So. Is there anything I don't like about the range over all? Well, just silly things. I keep all my brushes in a jar like container and because the ends of the face brushes are larger they do take up a lot of room. My only complaint about the sponge is it does seem to stain easily and this can make it look like you've not been bothered to wash it. Not major things really and I still would have no problems recommending this range to anyone!:)

    I hope this post was helpful and answered any questions people may have had about these products. Has anyone else had experience, either positive or negative, with Real Techniques?  Also has anyone tried out their new make up pallets? It feels like eeeveryones got a palette on the market these days! Think I'll look into releasing one myself.....

Thanks so much for reading !:)

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