Saturday, 9 August 2014

Review of Ziaja SenSitive Soothing Day Cream and Micellar Water

Hi Pretty people!

                Once again,I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! It's hard to believe that it's been a week since my last post, but in that time I was shopping in Dublin and have some amazing buys to show you guys in the weeks to come! I also took on foster kittens, who at this moment are having a great time chasing my fingers across the keyboard! If anyone can give a kitten a good home let me know!:) 

Molly and Charlie helping me write!

       I would also like to dedicate this post to my wonderful friend Zoe who's 21 today. Its such a pain in the a•• I couldn't make it due to stupid train and bus systems, but I hope you've a wonderful day hun:)

        Ok, so on to the review! As the title would suggest, this review is on Ziaja's SenSitive skin day cream and miscellar water. I have done a review on the enzyme peel product from this range before and was so happy with it I decided to try these out. Ziaja is a Polish range, which has several, very affordable lines and can be bought in most chemists and online. I'll leave the link for the Irish online store below.


      The miscellar water is €4.99 for 200mls, is ph balanced,dermatologically and allergy tested and has 0% parabens, alcohol or perfume. It's active ingredients are provitamin B5 and allantoin, which is an anti irritant and has moisturising properties. You apply to the skin with cotton pads and there's no need to rinse. So does it do the job? 

        You're still going to need an eye make up remover with this for a start, but it is very good at removing other makeup. When I first purchased this I used it as my general face cleanser, and to be honest I wasn't thrilled with the results. During the day I did notice my skin was looking very oily around the chin area, and I felt had to use the water to cleanse again. In fairness to the product at the moment I am really struggling with blockages and lumps on the right side of my face, and my chin and nose always have black heads. Ironically, I read an article about the bacteria on your phone possibly causing spots and since I have started using my head phones, it has definitely made a difference! Get that anti bacterial wipe now


      So instead of using the miscellar water as a skin cleanser I have just been using it to remove make up and it does a lovely job. I think if you had good sensitive skin this would be lovely for you, as it did leave the non problematic areas of my skin really soft and clean, but its just too gentle to tackle my problem areas. I would defienitly recommend using this in preference of a face wipe if you're too tired to  'double cleanse' at any stage. It's very economical as you don't need to use too much of this product, and it is brilliant at taking off face makeup. Bottom line, I will be repurchasing this as it is an excellent, good value make up remover that leaves behind no residue and isn't full of harsh chemicals. 


     On to the Soothing Day Cream! It retails at €6.99 for 50ml, is ph balanced,  has no silicones, mineral oil or perfume, has an SPF of 20 and protects from UVA and UVB rays. This product is marketed for sensitive, dry and itchy skin, which it doesn't point out on the front of the box! Due to this it is just too heavy for my skin, and reminds me of a lighter formulation of aqueous cream. I think is not so much for sensitive skin, as for dry skin that suffers irritations and can't cope with chemicals. Unless you actually have this type of skin, rather than just sensitive skin, I wouldn't recommend this product. It is a pity as this product has a lot going for it and if they brought this out in a milk version I would definitely try it. 


  So, there's my honest opinion on these products! Has anyone else tried out this range, or other lines in the range? What did people think? Can anyone help me on my quest to find a good moisturiser?! 

   Enjoy what ever you get up to this weekend and lots of love from me, Charlie and Molly!xxxx


  1. Hi Cat I am glad glad you like Polish products! They are pretty cheap and this brand is really popular in Poland! :) Everyone over there is obsessed about chemical free prodcuts believe me :P

    I have a blog on my own too

    Keep blogging! :)

    1. Thanks so much hun: ) it means so much to me people take the time out to read this:) Love the makeup looks in your blog!

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